Welcome to Runamuck Flowers! 

I'm embarking on a new adventure with flowers and hope you'll share the adventure with me.

I come from a long line of gardeners.  My grandfather grew his own veggies & herbs, my mom loves her flowers and I love both.  We've had our home for close to 18 years now and a lot of work has gone into the front and back yard over the years.

I decided to use part of the backyard as a mini flower farm and am just getting started.  

Feel free to follow the progression from perennial beds to flower farm beds.  I'll post videos and photos along the way.  Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

Stay tuned for more!



                     Plans to grow:

Sunflowers     Sweet Peas      Straw Flower

      Peonies            Dahlias       Poppies

Plox       Ranunculus       Salpiglosis     Mums

      Asters     Billy Buttons        Calla Lilies

Crocosmia         Cosmos        Iris       Liatris

     Echinacea        Foxgloves     Anemonies

Snapdragons      Zinnias    Lisianthus


Here are the 2 newest beds about to go in.  They are on the end of the Potager garden and will house my bearded Iris.  

I used stakes and string to layout the beds and then used fluorescent orange marking spray paint to mark the lines.  

Next I used an edger and cut the sod on the lines.

Digging up the sod is the next step...least favorite and I'm excited to get it done.  More picks as we progress!